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Aesthetic Dental Fillings in Columbia MO Area

When a developing cavity is not addressed, it will lead to tooth decay, and you could even need a root canal or extraction. While tooth decay is irreversible, the decayed material can be removed, and a tooth-colored filling be put in place to preserve the tooth. While some dentists still use other materials, including dental amalgam, for fillings, at Chase Patton, DDS, we use tooth-colored composite resin when performing fillings for patients in the Columbia, Missouri area. These fillings are aesthetically crafted to blend seamlessly with your tooth and bonded to the tooth for a strong and durable restoration.

What Is a Tooth Filling?

A dental filling is a form of restoration that corrects and restores a tooth that has become damaged. Before your treatment can begin, your dentist will need to assess the extent and nature of the damage to the tooth. Any decayed material will be removed, and the tooth, completely disinfected before the filling is applied. The filling will cover the entirety of the cavity, preventing any further bacteria from being able to enter or damage the tooth. The color of your composite resin filling will be made to match the shade of the tooth it is being applied to so that the treatment is discreet.

Benefits of a Tooth-Colored Filling

You will reap several benefits when choosing a composite resin tooth filling. Patients appreciate the cosmetic advantages alone because the filling material can be matched to the shade of the natural tooth it is being applied to, resulting in a discreet restoration. A functional benefit is that they are strong and will not shrink or expand when exposed to hot or cold foods and drinks. Further, a composite resin filling requires less removal of the natural tooth structure, unlike an amalgam filling which requires a significant amount to be removed.

If you are seeking a cosmetically appealing tooth filling that provides strength and durability and is metal-free, a composite resin filling offered by Dr. Chase Patton is just what you are looking for. To schedule an appointment, please call (573) 875-7040.

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