The importance and value of dental exams and what to expect during your checkup

Dental Exam for New Patients in Columbia MO Area

More teeth have been lost due to tooth decay and gum disease than any other condition. Conditions that affect the mouth, like periodontitis or late-stage gum disease, are also linked to serious medical problems, ranging from respiratory illnesses to heart disease.   Fortunately, Chase Patton, DDS, partners with our neighbors in … Continue reading

Patients in Columbia, MO who receive regular dental cleanings are setting themselves up for a lifetime of clean and healthy teeth

Teeth Cleaning in Columbia Missouri Area

Regular at-home care combined with in-office cleanings is the most important one-two step anybody can take to ensure they maintain healthy teeth and gums. Regular brushing and flossing at home, even when done properly, is simply not enough. Plaque will find a way to build up in the hard to … Continue reading