Patients in Columbia can find relief for nighttime teeth grinding with nightguards

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia Area

Patients feeling tired and sore when they wake up may not consider going to the dentist, but nighttime grinding can affect your whole body. If bruxism is wearing down your teeth and leaving you waking up in pain, Dr. Chase Patton can help. Our team offers patients in the Columbia … Continue reading

Patients in Columbia, MO are discovering night guards to provide relief from grinding teeth

Teeth Grinding Relief in Columbia Area

It is disheartening to go to bed fully expecting a restful night’s sleep, but instead wake up feeling fatigued or with a tension headache caused by teeth grinding. You then go through your daily life with a sore and tense jaw. Outside of this discomfort, there is also the long-term … Continue reading