Columbia-area patients learn about the advantages of composite dental fillings

Columbia Area Patients Learn About the Advantages of Composite Dental Fillings

Although most adult dental patients have good brushing and flossing habits, problems such as cavities and gum disease can occur. When a cavity develops, it must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent it from getting bigger. Cavities that are deep within the tooth can lead to infection and may require additional treatment or extraction. By detecting tooth decay as soon as it begins, dentists can help their patients avoid a bigger problem, saving money, and preventing further pain.  When patients in Columbia visit Dr. Chase Patton, they do not receive traditional metal fillings. While these fillings have been … Continue reading

Treat tooth decay with composite dental fillings in Columbia, MO

Composite Dental Filling at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia Area

Many people prefer to avoid the dentist but caring for your teeth sooner will prevent costly and time-consuming procedures later. Dr. Patton offers patients in the Columbia, MO, area composite dental fillings for a discrete restoration to your smile.  How tooth decay affects your oral health Tooth decay is caused when bacteria in your mouth form acids that weaken your tooth enamel. Smaller cavities are easy to miss at home, but as the interior of your tooth is exposed, the nerve becomes more sensitive to hot and cold, and you may notice pain as you chew. Eventually, tooth decay can … Continue reading

Why Columbia, MO patients choose composite tooth-colored fillings for cavities

Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings for Cavities in Columbia, MO Area

Dentists are always educating patients on the importance of keeping their smile healthy with routine cleanings, biannual examinations with their dentist, and with proper home health care, including brushing and flossing. However, some patients may still develop problems such as dental decay. Also known as cavities, these areas of decay can become large and deep, resulting in an infection within the tooth. As soon as a cavity is discovered, it needs to be treated by a dental professional as soon as possible with a filling. Dr. Chase Patton of Columbia, MO recommends using composite resin materials for filling a tooth. … Continue reading


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