Invisalign®: Straighten your teeth effectively without the hassles of braces

Do Aligners Work To Straighten Teeth in Columbia MO Area

Invisalign® aligners blend in with the smile. So, unlike braces, their hue and hardware are not noticeable. In addition to being highly cosmetic, they are comfortable. Each aligner (tray) is made from a clear plastic that is also smooth and flexible. Plus, they are removable. Patients do not have to re-learn how to eat or how to … Continue reading

How we ensure and support a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles (rebuilt with implants)

Tooth Implant How Long Does it in Last Columbia MO Area

The office of Chase Patton, DDS, is proud to support the long, healthy life of your implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. Also, by partnering with the top oral surgeons or specialists in the Columbia, Missouri area, we help to minimize early-stage implant failures. We also work with you, our valued patient, to … Continue reading

Life-changing therapy without the risk at the dentist’s office … Finally, put TMJ symptoms to rest for good

Bite Correction Treatment in Columbia MO Area

Have you heard of the term “bite”? When someone refers to their “bite,” they are actually talking about occlusion –the relationship between the opposing upper and lower teeth when their mouth is closed. Malocclusion refers to imbalances in the teeth and jaws. These include “bad bites” characterized by a protruding upper or lower jaw (overbite … Continue reading

The importance and value of dental exams and what to expect during your checkup

Dental Exam for New Patients in Columbia MO Area

More teeth have been lost due to tooth decay and gum disease than any other condition. Conditions that affect the mouth, like periodontitis or late-stage gum disease, are also linked to serious medical problems, ranging from respiratory illnesses to heart disease.   Fortunately, Chase Patton, DDS, partners with our neighbors in … Continue reading

You deserve the safest, most natural-looking fillings for cavity repair to prevent further damage

Non Toxic Dental Fillings in Columbia MO Area

An estimated 92% of American adults have cavities, and it is also the most common childhood illness. Decay manifests itself as holes or eroded areas of the tooth. Untreated, these cavities can cause painful infections, and teeth may become damaged beyond repair.  While Chase Patton, DDS, works with patients in … Continue reading

Dental work that looks like the “real deal”: The natural and lasting beauty of modern dental crowns

Porcelain Dental Crowns in Columbia MO Area

Crowns are one of the wonders of the dental world. This versatile procedure can be used to restore deeply decayed or cracked teeth, as well as cover an implant (for tooth replacement) or a very misshapen or cosmetically “imperfect” tooth. Porcelain and zirconia crowns in the hands of Chase Patton, … Continue reading

Is Invisalign Worth the Investment? A Look at the Benefits and Cost of Treatment

How much is Invisalign in Columbia Area

Do you want healthy, straight teeth that you can’t wait to show off? You can now enjoy a brand-new, beautiful smile with the Invisalign treatment offered by the team at Chase Patton, DDS  in Columbia, Missouri. Patients were only limited to traditional braces in the past, but today you can … Continue reading

Three Reasons Why People Are Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Dental Bite Restoration in Columbia MO Area

When looking for dental bite restorations, you have options. Traditional metal braces are one option that provides great results, but they require metal brackets and wires affixed to your teeth for the correction of malocclusion, proper tooth alignment, and more. Many people shudder at the thought and seek alternatives like … Continue reading