Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry that will have you running to schedule your next appointment!

Cosmetic Dentist in Columbia Area

The health and appearance of your smile play a huge role in your life. A healthy and beautiful smile allows one to communicate without ever saying a word. It provides individuals the self-confidence necessary to interact with others around them in a carefree manner. However, if you are not happy with your smile, you are not alone.  Though you may be too proud to admit it out loud, does the thought of a cosmetic transformation of your smile appeal to you? If it does and you are in the Columbia, Missouri area looking for comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services, please schedule an appointment with … Continue reading

Dental implants: benefits and process explained by Columbia, MO dentist

Dental Implant Process at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia, MO Area

There are many reasons you may need to replace a tooth: decay and disease, traumatic injuries, and even genetics can all play a role in missing teeth. Fortunately, tooth replacement options have come a long way in the past few decades, and patients have more choices than ever before. At the dental practice of Chase Patton, DDS, we work closely with patients in the Columbia, MO area to identify the best tooth-replacement option for their needs. Many patients are interested in hearing about dental implants, including the process for getting them placed and why they are considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement. Read on … Continue reading

Columbia dentist explains why professional teeth whitening treatment is the best way to improve your smile

Columbia Dentist Explains Why Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment is the Best Way to Improve Your Smile

Most local drugstores are full of products promising to deliver a healthier and whiter smile. Some products even claim to give you professional results at less cost. Unfortunately, these products are not a substitute for professional teeth whitening done under the supervision of a trained dentist.  Dr. Chase Patton, DDS, advises his Columbia area patients not to be fooled by products that sound too good to be true. In many cases, patients are disappointed with the results. Further, they can cause discomfort or can lead to teeth and gums becoming sensitive. Instead, the Chase Patton, DDS team offers professional teeth whitening services that allow patients … Continue reading

Columbia dentist explains TMJ disorder symptoms and treatments

In Columbia Area Dentist Explains Tmj Disorder Symptoms and Treatments

Many adults notice some soreness or a popping sound in the jaw. That can occur after eating something difficult to chew or opening your mouth very wide. Sometimes the discomfort is mild and quick. Other times, however, the pain can be severe, last for many days, or begin to creep into other areas of the head, face, or neck. But patients do not have to live with this pain and discomfort. Dr. Chase Patton, DDS, of Columbia, MO, can help by providing a treatment to address these symptoms of TMJ. What is TMJ?  This common popping and pain are caused … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental care in Columbia, MO

Cosmetic Dental Care in Columbia, MO Area

Are the smiles in your family as beautiful as you would like them to be? Or has trauma to your mouth, years of drinking dark beverages, or even just the aging process changed the appearance of your teeth? Do you have decayed teeth that need to be extracted and replaced with dentures or implants?  Finding a dentist to provide cosmetic dentistry services can save you time and money and can increase your convenience and your results by working with someone you trust who understands your oral health history.  Dr. Chase Patton in Columbia, MO, is committed to making sure that … Continue reading

Columbia-area patients learn about the advantages of composite dental fillings

Columbia Area Patients Learn About the Advantages of Composite Dental Fillings

Although most adult dental patients have good brushing and flossing habits, problems such as cavities and gum disease can occur. When a cavity develops, it must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent it from getting bigger. Cavities that are deep within the tooth can lead to infection and may require additional treatment or extraction. By detecting tooth decay as soon as it begins, dentists can help their patients avoid a bigger problem, saving money, and preventing further pain.  When patients in Columbia visit Dr. Chase Patton, they do not receive traditional metal fillings. While these fillings have been … Continue reading

Columbia dentist helps patients improve the look of their smile with porcelain dental crowns

Columbia Dentist Helps Patients Improve the Look of Their Smile with Porcelain Dental Crowns

Most people believe that crowns are used only to provide support or to restore teeth that are broken, worn, or badly decayed. While that is certainly true, Dr. Chase Patton, DDS, has helped countless patients improve the appearance of their smile with porcelain dental crowns. Dental crowns offer oral health and cosmetic benefits  It is well known that missing, cracked, chipped, or severely damaged teeth can hurt your self-confidence. Many people believe that their smile is their greatest asset and when that asset is damaged, it can make patients feel ashamed or hide their smiles. Often, they want an immediate … Continue reading

Treat tooth decay with composite dental fillings in Columbia, MO

Composite Dental Filling at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia Area

Many people prefer to avoid the dentist but caring for your teeth sooner will prevent costly and time-consuming procedures later. Dr. Patton offers patients in the Columbia, MO, area composite dental fillings for a discrete restoration to your smile.  How tooth decay affects your oral health Tooth decay is caused when bacteria in your mouth form acids that weaken your tooth enamel. Smaller cavities are easy to miss at home, but as the interior of your tooth is exposed, the nerve becomes more sensitive to hot and cold, and you may notice pain as you chew. Eventually, tooth decay can … Continue reading

Find relief with wisdom teeth extraction in Columbia

Wisdom Teeth Extraction at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia Area

If you are struggling with wisdom teeth pain or worried about dental crowding, Dr. Patton can help. Our office in Columbia, MO, offers safe, comfortable wisdom teeth extraction to protect your oral health.  Signs you need your wisdom teeth removed Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that come into your mouth, but the modern human diet is much softer than it used to be. Because of this, many people never develop wisdom teeth. Meanwhile, other people develop wisdom teeth without any issues. However, patients that develop wisdom teeth without enough space are at risk of developing complications. Your … Continue reading

Patients in Columbia can find relief for nighttime teeth grinding with nightguards

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia Area

Patients feeling tired and sore when they wake up may not consider going to the dentist, but nighttime grinding can affect your whole body. If bruxism is wearing down your teeth and leaving you waking up in pain, Dr. Chase Patton can help. Our team offers patients in the Columbia area nightguards for the prevention of teeth grinding. Bruxism: Causes and Symptoms Patients with bruxism deal with the unconscious clenching of their jaw and grinding of their teeth. While some patients may notice daytime grinding, it affects most patients while they sleep, and they can remain unaware of it for … Continue reading


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