Columbia, MO dentist explains the need for wisdom teeth removal

In Columbia, MO Area Dentist Explains the Need for Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are teeth that often become problematic for many of our patients. These teeth are the last to emerge in the smile and are the most common at creating issues for many men and women. Because they are the last to erupt through the gumline, typically in the late teen years or early adulthood, they often become impacted due to a lack of space. When they do come through, they are at risk of developing cavities and disease because of their position and how difficult it is to properly brush and floss them. Columbia, MO area dentist, Dr. Chase Patton, may advise patients on the benefits of wisdom teeth removal.

Why have the wisdom teeth removed?

The wisdom tooth may be removed for several different reasons. Extraction may occur because:

  • The teeth are stuck underneath the gum line (impacted) and are causing patients pain
  • The teeth are too far back in the mouth to properly care for, putting the smile at risk for cavities and periodontal disease
  • The dentist wants to preserve results achieved using orthodontic work and does not want the wisdom teeth to erupt and change the smile alignment

What occurs during wisdom teeth extraction?

Dr. Chase Patton ensures comfort for patients throughout the entire process. He offers proper anesthetics to calm patients and help them feel relaxed during the treatment. For some patients, wisdom teeth are removed simply by using special instruments to wedge the tooth out of the jawbone without having to cut into the gums. However, if the wisdom teeth are difficult to grab a hold of, or if they are underneath the gum line due to impaction, they may require surgical treatment to remove. Surgery is more invasive, but effectively addresses the removal of wisdom teeth. We refer our patients to an oral surgeon for surgical removal, though provide simple extractions through our office.

Discover the benefits of wisdom tooth removal

If you are struggling with the impaction or health of wisdom teeth, it may be time to speak to Dr. Chase Patton about wisdom teeth removal. Extraction of the teeth may be best in many different cases, and we encourage patients to call (573) 875-7040 to request a consultation with our team. We are located at 3005 Falling Leaf Court and accept new patients into our facility.