Our dental crowns shine! Advanced ceramics for aesthetic, durable restoration of damaged teeth

Dental Caps for Front Teeth in Columbia MO Area

Chase Patton, DDS, takes great pride in providing advanced techniques, technologies, and materials that cannot be found at other dentist’s offices near and far in Columbia and greater north-central Missouri. These investments in cutting-edge tools and the training to safely, efficiently, and optimally use them are more than a nice “thing to have” or to showcase. They have been made with your ultimate comfort, convenience, health, and satisfaction at heart. 

Notably, Dr. Patton, a distinguished American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Pankey Institute practitioner, offers premium dental ceramics to rebuild teeth. So, dental caps (or crowns) at our office look natural, indistinguishable from the healthy tooth structure that developed with you. Additionally, the ceramics that Dr. Patton uses are not only pleasing to the eye; they are also strong and durable. 

How our natural crowns can help you 

Crowns are highly versatile. They are an appropriate restorative dental treatment for a diverse range of patients; however, as with all procedures at our practice, the process starts with a thorough examination. Dr. Patton applies his keen know-how and advanced diagnostics to make recommendations best suited to your anatomical characteristics, needs, preferences, habits and behaviors, goals, budget, and other potential considerations. He generally recommends conservative treatments that preserve the utmost healthy tooth structure. In turn, you may not need a full-coverage crown. A conventional tooth-colored filling may be suitable to fill in lost or decayed tissue. If areas of decay or cavities are more extensive, we generally recommend crowns. A filling may not sufficiently support a large hole over the long haul. 

Crowns fit over the “prepared” tooth structure. In other words, the decayed or irreparable tissue is removed. The tooth is then shaped so it can “accept” the crown. Crowns may also be designed to replace an old or failing filling. They are generally the finishing touch following root canal therapy to preserve badly damaged teeth.

Additionally, Dr. Patton may recommend them to hold together a severely fractured or broken tooth that is vulnerable to further damage. These restorations are even appropriate for tooth replacement! They are a vital part of traditional dental bridges and modern tooth replacement with dental implants positioned in the jaw to “root” crowns, bridges, or dentures to the supportive bone. 

Expect the exceptional at Chase Patton, DDS 

If crowns are a natural next step in your smile evolution, Dr. Patton will discuss the many options to restore your tooth. These options include dental ceramics like porcelain. Dental porcelain is lauded for its ability to mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel. It also mimics the function of natural tooth enamel. It is not delicate but, rather, strong and long-lasting when cared for consistently and properly. That means keeping up with professional visits to our office for cleanings, regular exams, and good oral hygiene at home when you cannot be at our office. 

Zirconia crowns present another option. They, too, are a type of ceramic. However, zirconia is derived from highly durable and biocompatible (tissue-friendly) zirconium dioxideIt is also less translucent in appearance than porcelain. 

The best option for your mouth and self depends on numerous factors. We account for everything from the tooth’s location to be crowned to the type of function it will serve in the mouth when making tailored treatment recommendations. We encourage you to contact us at (573) 875-7040.

We look forward to exploring all of the aesthetic and resilient options that modern dentistry has to offer. You can also request an appointment at our Columbia, MO office, any time of day or night, on this website. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!

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