Patients in Columbia can find relief for nighttime teeth grinding with nightguards

Nightguards for Teeth Grinding at Chase Patton DDS office in Columbia Area

Patients feeling tired and sore when they wake up may not consider going to the dentist, but nighttime grinding can affect your whole body. If bruxism is wearing down your teeth and leaving you waking up in pain, Dr. Chase Patton can help. Our team offers patients in the Columbia area nightguards for the prevention of teeth grinding.

Bruxism: Causes and Symptoms

Patients with bruxism deal with the unconscious clenching of their jaw and grinding of their teeth. While some patients may notice daytime grinding, it affects most patients while they sleep, and they can remain unaware of it for years. Bruxism is generally associated with anxiety and stress, but it can also be caused by allergies, malocclusion, or even your diet.

Nighttime grinding can cause headaches as well as pain in your neck, shoulder, and back. It can also interfere with your sleep cycling and lead to TMJ disorders. While things like biofeedback, relaxation exercises, or behavioral therapy can help put an end to teeth grinding, it may take a while before you find out what works for you. A nightguard can provide quick relief.

Treating bruxism with a nightguard

Dr. Patton can identify the signs of bruxism by checking your teeth for uneven wear and tear. He may also inspect your jaw for signs of tenderness. If you have bruxism, he can custom fit an oral appliance for you to wear each night when you fall asleep. The nightguard is designed to fit over the upper and lower arches of your teeth. While you wear it, your jaw will be pushed forward, and your teeth will have extra cushioning. This will prevent you from moving your jaw around as much and protect you from most of the jaw tension.

Dr. Patton will take some images of your mouth and create an impression for the dental lab. Once it is ready, you can return to the office and check the fit and make any adjustments you need for comfort. It may take a couple of days to get used to wearing your night guard, but once you notice the benefits of a full night of sleep, your body will thank you. Contact our office in Columbia today at (573) 875-7040 to learn more about how we can help.

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