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Restorative Fillings in Columbia MO Area

Not so long ago, dental fillings were made with a metallic material that filled holes in teeth but made them look less attractive. However, composite fillings (or tooth-colored fillings) have become increasingly popular. These fillings blend in seamlessly with your natural smile. Dr. Chase Patton of Chase Patton, DDS, in Columbia, Missouri, is a trusted expert who can place natural-looking resin fillings to prevent cavities while preserving your smile.

Warning Signs You May Require a Filling

If you experience one or more symptoms, it may be time to fill your cavity:

  • Your teeth feel more sensitive to cold or hot beverages
  • You have increased sensitivity to sweet beverages or foods
  • You experience pain when chewing or biting
  • You find more trapped particles of food between your teeth and inside the cavity

Sadly, not all cavities will trigger these symptoms, which is another reason to maintain routine dental care. When you come in for a check-up, we will take X-rays while performing a thorough examination that can show us if you have any hidden cavities. Smaller cavities are much easier to treat, saving you discomfort and time. In a few cases, if tooth decay is in its early stages, where it’s beginning to demineralize your tooth enamel, we can often reverse the process before there is a need for a dental filling.

Discreet Dental Fillings

The main issue most people had with the older silver amalgam fillings was how anyone could tell you had them whenever you spoke or laughed. These older fillings dramatically impacted the appearance of a person’s smile. But, with composite resin fillings, the material closely matches your other teeth allowing it to integrate into your smile smoothly. No one would ever need to know you had fillings!

How We Place Your Composite Resin Tooth Fillings

The process for placing your new composite resin tooth filling is pretty straightforward. Dr. Patton first isolates the problematic tooth while keeping it accessible and dry of saliva.

He then takes a drill and removes the tooth part that had become decayed. Next, he places the composite resin into the tooth in layers before hardening each layer using a special light.

After your tooth is filled, the resin filling can be shaped and polished to resemble a perfectly natural tooth.

The benefits of Resin Composite Fillings

The advantages resin composite filling has over rational fillings are impressive. For example, these fillings:

  • Look more attractive since they match your natural teeth in appearance and color
  • Do not require as much drilling
  • Harden within a few seconds instead of over days like other materials
  • Bond to your tooth to increase strength, helping prevent breaks
  • They can also be repaired if they are damaged
  • Repairs chipped teeth
  • Closes gaps between teeth
  • Gives your smile a more even appearance

Discover More About Resin Composite Fillings

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