Patients in Columbia, MO who receive regular dental cleanings are setting themselves up for a lifetime of clean and healthy teeth

Teeth Cleaning in Columbia Missouri Area

Regular at-home care combined with in-office cleanings is the most important one-two step anybody can take to ensure they maintain healthy teeth and gums. Regular brushing and flossing at home, even when done properly, is simply not enough. Plaque will find a way to build up in the hard to reach areas of your teeth and over time will harden into tartar, which requires professional removal. Dr. Chase Patton DDS provides effective and routine teeth cleaning services to patients in the Columbia, MO area. Dr. Patton believes that, when combined with proper at home care, regular cleanings and exams will keep your teeth and gums healthy for as long as you maintain the regimen. 

Teeth Cleanings

A teeth cleaning performed by your dentist or hygienist can clean your teeth by removing built-up plaque, at a level that your toothbrush cannot achieve. Your dentist (or dental hygienist) will use a specialized instrument called a scaler to physically remove any built-up plaque and tartar. This results in teeth that have a thoroughly clean surface. Many dentists will then apply a cleaning gel to the newly cleaned surface to gently polish the teeth and create a smooth finish. Once this is all completed, your teeth will be flossed so that surfaces which touch each other (and cannot be penetrated by scaling or polishing) can also be cleaned.

The Dangers of Neglect

You may think that you can put off and neglect coming into the dentist for cleanings if you are properly implementing an oral hygiene regimen at home including regular brushing, flossing and rinsing. This is not true. Plaque has an uncanny ability to build up in the very most difficult to reach places of your mouth. This plaque will, over time, harden and transform into tartar which, when left unchecked, will cause tooth decay, cavities and even the erosion of gum tissue. Coming in for regular cleanings ensures that this plaque and tartar is regularly cleaned so that no long-term damage can occur.

If it has been awhile since you have had a teeth cleaning or if you just need to schedule your next regular appointment, Dr. Chase Patton would love to welcome you into his office. Please call (573) 875-7040 today for an appointment!