Columbia dentist explains why professional teeth whitening treatment is the best way to improve your smile

Columbia Dentist Explains Why Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment is the Best Way to Improve Your Smile

Most local drugstores are full of products promising to deliver a healthier and whiter smile. Some products even claim to give you professional results at less cost. Unfortunately, these products are not a substitute for professional teeth whitening done under the supervision of a trained dentist. 

Dr. Chase Patton, DDS, advises his Columbia area patients not to be fooled by products that sound too good to be true. In many cases, patients are disappointed with the results. Further, they can cause discomfort or can lead to teeth and gums becoming sensitive. Instead, the Chase Patton, DDS team offers professional teeth whitening services that allow patients to whiten their teeth at home, under the guidance of a trained and experienced dentist. 

Professional teeth whitening offers several significant advantages over over-the-counter treatments

  • Personalized attention: From the first consultation with Dr. Patton, patients are treated as an individual and receive a customized treatment plan. Dr. Patton and his team will discuss your desired results and expected timeline. They will also examine your mouth and ask questions to determine the cause of your discoloration.
  • Safe and pain-free: Individuals who use over the counter treatments could be setting themselves up for discomfort or sensitivity caused by those products that may have ill-fitting trays or whitening solution that damages the enamel and soft tissue of the mouth. On the other hand, patients who opt for at-home treatment will receive customized trays and instructions for the whitening gel. They can also reach out to the dentist if anything doesn’t feel right during the treatment.
  • Professional support: By opting for professional teeth whitening services, you get more than just the professional-grade gel and custom trays. In addition, you get an entire team of professionals to help you improve your smile. If you have questions about at-home whitening, you can simply call or schedule an appointment. Additionally, if you need a touch up in the future, you can re-use the whitening trays with a refill of the whitening gel.

Patients who whiten their smiles are reminded that teeth whitening only removes current stains and discoloration. Following your treatment, you’ll likely be motivated to keep your smile sparkling. Dr. Patton offers the following advice for patients who want to avoid future staining or discoloration: 

  • Avoid dark foods and beverages: Coffee, tea, and red wine are some of the most common culprits of teeth staining. That’s because these items leave tiny food particles behind that can cause future discoloration. 
  • Increase your water intake: For best results, dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal. However, for many people, that’s just not possible. If you can’t brush every time you eat, try to drink a glass of water to rinse some of the food particles from your teeth. 
  • Kick bad habits: Smoking and chewing tobacco are not just bad for your health they’re also bad for your smile and will cause your teeth to become stained and yellowed over time. 

There’s no need to live with a smile you don’t love. If you are interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening services, call the office of Dr. Patton today at (573) 875-7040 to schedule a consultation and oral health exam. Dr. Patton will help you brighten your smile and improve your confidence.

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