Restore Your Smile with White Cavity Fillings

Dental White Cavity Fillings Near Me in Columbia, Missouri

When you have a cavity or broken tooth, you don’t just want the issue fixed; you want it to look like there was never a problem, to begin with. At the office of Chase Patton, DDS in Columbia,  Missouri, that’s precisely what we do with white cavity fillings. With our years of experience and high-quality materials, we can correct common dental problems to restore your beautiful, healthy smile fully.  If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your mouth, it’s essential to call us to schedule an exam as soon as possible.

White Cavity Fillings

Chances are, you’ve probably seen silver amalgam fillings. You may even  have one yourself. In addition to being unsightly, these fillings can  weaken the tooth structure. White or tooth-colored fillings are just as  strong as amalgam fillings and can fully restore small cavities without  detracting from the smile’s appearance. The composite resin restoration  can be shaded to perfectly match your natural tooth color, so no one  will notice that you have had dental work. Furthermore, tooth-colored  fillings allow us to preserve a more natural tooth structure which helps it stay strong. 

In addition to repairing cavities, the same powdered glass and plastic  resin material can be used in other applications such as fixing cracked  or broken teeth. 

Benefits of White Fillings

  • Quick treatment – Getting tooth-colored fillings is quick and painless. Before we begin treatment, we’ll administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. Once the numbing has taken effect, the dentist can remove the infected material and clean the tooth. After that, the tooth-colored resin is applied directly to the cavity and shaped to maintain a natural bite. The final step is hardening the filling with a special curing light and polishing it to look beautiful. From start to finish, most filling appointments take less than an hour. 
  • Natural-looking – Tooth-colored fillings blend in seamlessly within the smile so no one can tell you have had a cavity filled whether you are laughing, smiling, or speaking.
  • Durable – With good oral hygiene, tooth-colored fillings can last a decade or even longer. To keep your teeth healthy and your filling in good shape, make sure to brush twice each day, floss daily, and maintain dental exams every six months. It’s also a good idea to avoid biting down on hard objects which could break the fillings.
  • Conservative – Tooth-colored fillings are considered a conservative treatment because the material bonds directly to the teeth. We remove much less tooth structure with these fillings than with amalgam fillings.
  • Safer – Amalgam metal fillings can expand and contract with temperature changes, which could cause a significant crack or break in the tooth.
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Let Us Help Restore Your Smile with White Fillings

If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity that you believe may be a  cavity, the office of Chase Patton, DDS in Columbia, Missouri, is here to help. Our team is dedicated to helping our patients enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful and healthy smile. We can have you out of pain with white fillings, smiling again in no time. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at (573) 875-7040

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