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Bite Correction Treatment in Columbia MO Area

Have you heard of the term “bite”? When someone refers to their “bite,” they are actually talking about occlusion –the relationship between the opposing upper and lower teeth when their mouth is closed. Malocclusion refers to imbalances in the teeth and jaws. These include “bad bites” characterized by a protruding upper or lower jaw (overbite and underbite, respectively). Such imbalances not only affect the smile’s appearance; they are associated with chronic headaches, facial pain, limited range of motion, and other chronic and distressing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms

The office of Chase Patton, DDS in Columbia, Missouri, may recommend treatment with orthodontic appliances. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tailored and often multi-dimensional therapies and recommendations to ease the frequency and severity of TMJ symptoms. 

Getting to the root of TMJ troubles

Your teeth are a small part of a complex oral and maxillofacial system. This system includes the jaw joints, or TMJs, that are on either side of the face. When these joints are not disordered, they support efficient, smooth, and painless movement – the motions that are essential to comfortable chewing, eating, and other basic functions. When the joints are “stressed” or not functioning as they should, all sorts of aches and pains arise. Additionally, your jaw may tend to “lock” or become stiff. It can be painful and tough to close your mouth. These symptoms may also be accompanied by a noticeable popping or clicking when you close or open your mouth. 

Such functional problems can often be traced back to imbalances caused by everything from an underbite or overbite or worn or old restorations that adversely affect the bite to behaviors and habits like chronic teeth grinding or bruxism. 

Beyond symptom relief: Real treatment

Dr. Patton has the wide-ranging perspective and knowledge to identify the source of your concerns. If bite problems are to blame, we are a proud certified provider of Invisalign®. These clear aligners are as effective at fixing “bad bites” as they are at correcting more minor cosmetic problems with crowded, crooked, and gapped teeth. 

Repairing existing dental work can also help restore healthy balance, easing the tension placed on the TMJs and surrounding muscles and tissues. 

An entire category of therapy also exists in the form of oral appliances. These include splints that stabilize the jaw to prevent the harmful contacts responsible for undue stress on the joints and, in turn, pain. Some splints and other oral appliances are even designed to promote a more healthy and functional jaw positioning. 

Nightguards, too, may be an appropriate option for the right patient. By cushioning the blow caused by often intense nocturnal teeth grinding, we protect natural tissues and restorations from damage while also alleviating the tension placed on the joints and muscles.

You can effectively treat TMJ disorders at the dentist’s office without invasive surgical treatment. Call Chase Patton, DDS, today at (573) 875-7040 to schedule your life-changing appointment at our office in Columbia, MO.

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