A Brighter Smile is within reach with Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth Whitening Service in Columbia Area

In a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, adults in the United States spend nearly $1.5 billion on over-the-counter whitening products. That’s a staggering amount when considering that most of these products are too weak to produce satisfying results. At the office of Chase Patton, DDS, in Columbia, Missouri, we understand that patients want the convenience of whitening their teeth to their desired shade in the comfort of their home. We offer professional-grade at-home whitening that gives you the results you desire under the supervision of a trained dental team. 

The problem with over-the-counter whitening products

Nearly everyone has seen the advertisements for over-the-counter whitening products showing spectacular before and after results, but are they real? The answer is probably not. Over-the-counter pastes and strips use much lower peroxide levels, meaning they cannot brighten your teeth nearly as well as professional-grade bleaching gels. Furthermore, many of these products are ineffective at reaching areas between the teeth, leading to uneven results. 

When it comes to whitening, professional treatment is best

Using at-home whitening kits from a dental professional is the best way to ensure you safely receive excellent results, and here’s why.

  1. Custom fitting trays – During your first appointment, we will take molds of your teeth to fabricate a custom tray that fits your mouth. This process allows you to apply the whitening gel evenly while still protecting the gums and lips. 
  1. Instructions from a dental professional – When you receive your kit, you will be provided with detailed instructions for how to prep your teeth, apply the gel, and how long to wear the trays. You have the confidence of knowing that you are bleaching your teeth the right way.
  2. Better results – Simply put, the hydrogen-peroxide gel provided by our office is much stronger than anything you can buy at your local grocery store. This stronger formula is far superior when it comes to removing deep stains and whitening the enamel.
  3. Longer-lasting – After about two weeks, once your teeth have reached the desired shade of white, you can save the trays for periodic touch-ups as needed. 

Keeping your teeth white

Following your at-home whitening treatment, you can do a few things to maintain your vibrant smile. The first thing you can do is avoid or limit dark-colored foods and beverages. If you can’t, brushing or rinsing immediately afterward will help minimize surface stains. If you are a smoker, consider quitting. Beyond turning teeth yellow, smoking can put you at risk for other health conditions. You can also practice good oral hygiene at home and maintain twice-yearly visits to the dentist for routine cleanings. 

A whiter smile is within reach

If you are in the Colombia, MO area and are interested in learning more about professional teeth whitening, call Dr. Chase Patton today at (573) 875-7040 to schedule a consultation. We can determine if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment and get you started right away during this appointment. 

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