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Tooth Implant How Long Does it in Last Columbia MO Area

The office of Chase Patton, DDS, is proud to support the long, healthy life of your implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. Also, by partnering with the top oral surgeons or specialists in the Columbia, Missouri area, we help to minimize early-stage implant failures. We also work with you, our valued patient, to avoid later-stage implant failures. 

Together, we ensure the sustained success of your new teeth! 

Tooth replacement that lives up to its dazzling reputation 

Understandably, many patients want to know how long their implants will last. Since this cylinder-shaped post supports the tooth, it does play an essential role in the “lifespan” of the attached restorations. With good ongoing care, they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy and comfortable function and an attractive appearance. Some of the first modern implants are still going strong decades later. 

What do we mean by “ongoing care”? 

Due to the unique design of implant-retained teeth, they typically should be cared for like natural teeth. Their design “mimics” the structure of natural teeth by accounting for and replacing their roots. Since the implant acts as a root, the attached prosthetic tooth provides exceptional and long-lasting stability in the jaw. It is, after all, connected to the rest of the jawbone. This feature furthermore promotes a natural-looking appearance, feel in the mouth, and optimal function – the ability to chew and enjoy a variety of different foods is restored, as is the ability to pronounce words correctly and speak clearly. 

Conventional bridges and dentures require special care. There are special cleaning aides to reach in between tight spaces underneath the bridge. Traditional removable dentures require regular relining, rebasing, repairs, and other services. Since they are not connected to the rest of the jawbone, these options promote or hasten the effects of bone loss.

Special services and maintenance are necessary to ensure the denture continues to fit well and doesn’t become loose and painful. 

While we can review cleaning techniques and products for removable implant dentures, this option does not require regular adjustments. The bone retains its strength and shape. The denture never outlives its usefulness. Likewise, fixed implant dentures can be treated like “regular” teeth. Simply brush and floss around them thoroughly to ensure the tissue surrounding the implant is not vulnerable to progressive, gum disease-like inflammation. Interdental brushes or floss threaders can help clean under the denture more efficiently and effectively. 

Maintaining good habits that support the health of the implanted teeth and the rest of your body is also advised. Notably, it is essential to avoid smoking and tobacco. From the get-go, these products affect how the implant heals and its ability to integrate with the surrounding bone. In fact, smokers had a 140% higher risk of implant failures than non-smokers in a study published by the National Institutes of Health. 

Measures at home are no substitute for but must accompany professional care at Chase Patton, DDS

Regardless of risk factors, every patient should visit us at least twice a year for exams and cleanings. We also strive to avoid problems by identifying and addressing any risks to the implant early, before its placement. For instance, natural teeth and dental work alike are susceptible to damage from bruxism. This condition, characterized by chronic teeth grinding, may be addressed with custom nightguards to protect the implant. Schedule your visit at our office in Columbia, MO, today by calling (573) 875-7040. We look forward to discussing options to transform your smile and life!

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