Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry that will have you running to schedule your next appointment!

Cosmetic Dentist in Columbia Area

The health and appearance of your smile play a huge role in your life. A healthy and beautiful smile allows one to communicate without ever saying a word. It provides individuals the self-confidence necessary to interact with others around them in a carefree manner. However, if you are not happy with your smile, you are not alone. 

Though you may be too proud to admit it out loud, does the thought of a cosmetic transformation of your smile appeal to you? If it does and you are in the Columbia, Missouri area looking for comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services, please schedule an appointment with the dental practice of Dr. Chase Patton.

Here are some lesser-known facts about cosmetic dentistry and what it can achieve for you.

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry go hand in hand

Cosmetic treatments, including dental bonding, crowns, and bridges, are excellent ways to not only revitalize the appearance of your smile but also help restore it to health. These treatments can repair, protect, and strengthen teeth that have become broken, decayed, or damaged. In the process of restoring your teeth, these procedures will also provide fullness, symmetry, and radiance that was missing prior.

If you avoid dental work because you’re worried about the process, you do not need to put this undue stress on yourself. A dentist skilled in cosmetic and restorative dentistry will be able to repair your teeth and have them looking better than ever before!

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your oral health

A healthy mouth includes teeth, gums, and a jaw that is in good shape. Minimal decay, gum disease, and good jaw alignment are all essential for a healthy mouth. When you face dental issues that may seem purely cosmetic, such as chips or cracks, or misaligned teeth, these can also impact your oral health and the functionality of your mouth. When left untreated, these cosmetic issues can lead to oral health problems, such as severe jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, and cavities. 

Cosmetic procedures such as dental bridges or aligner systems can help with some of these issues. Correcting minor malocclusion with cosmetic treatment can help make it easier to chew, brush and floss, and prevent long-term jaw discomfort.

Teeth whitening treatments are the most popular

Being very affordable and non-invasive while providing immediate and drastic results are just a few reasons teeth whitening treatments have become the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening treatments are popular with those looking for a drastic change in the brightness of their smile. Some dental offices even offer take-home whitening kits!

Cosmetic treatments can gift you with a brilliant smile that will help nail your first impression

Are you aware of how quickly first impressions are made? Estimates show that a first impression is made anywhere from one-tenth of a second to two minutes into a meeting. Either way, that leaves very little time to leave a lasting, positive impression on somebody. So little time is required to evaluate a person, and appearance plays a big part. A healthy and radiant smile will make you appear attractive, youthful, and trustworthy.

Patients seeking quality cosmetic dental work have come to depend on the services offered at Chase Patton, DDS in Columbia, Missouri. Dr. Patton and his skilled team offer a number of cosmetic dental options, including teeth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, dental crowns, and veneers. If you are in the area and would like to schedule an appointment, please call (573) 875-7040 today. You are one phone call away from the smile you have always desired.

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