Three Reasons Why People Are Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

Dental Bite Restoration in Columbia MO Area

When looking for dental bite restorations, you have options. Traditional metal braces are one option that provides great results, but they require metal brackets and wires affixed to your teeth for the correction of malocclusion, proper tooth alignment, and more. Many people shudder at the thought and seek alternatives like … Continue reading

Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry that will have you running to schedule your next appointment!

Cosmetic Dentist in Columbia Area

The health and appearance of your smile play a huge role in your life. A healthy and beautiful smile allows one to communicate without ever saying a word. It provides individuals the self-confidence necessary to interact with others around them in a carefree manner. However, if you are not happy … Continue reading

Avoid cavities by seeing a general dentist in Columbia, MO today for early detection

Avoid Cavities by Seeing a General Dentist in Columbia, MO Area Today for Early Detection

Many adults think a dental visit is only necessary if they have tooth pain or another dental issue that requires attention. This is not the case, and, in many cases, these emergency dental visits can be avoided altogether with general dental visits. Dr. Chase Patton, DDS encourages all residents in … Continue reading

Columbia, MO area dentist offers general, cosmetic, and restorative dental care solutions

In Columbia, MO Area Dentist Offers General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dental Care Solutions

Patients of the Columbia, MO area who are interested in obtaining comprehensive dental care under one roof can connect with Dr. Chase Patton and his team. His practice is pleased to provide everything from general dental care to full mouth restorations. Whether you need a simple cleaning and evaluation, or … Continue reading

Learn about the offerings of our family-friendly dental care facility in Columbia, MO

Learn about the offerings of our family-friendly dental care facility in Columbia, MO

At the practice of Dr. Chase Patton, patients will find that our family-friendly dental office in Columbia, MO offers a wide selection of treatments for all our patients. Dental care is essential to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile for life. When patients are proactive about their oral health, they will … Continue reading