Columbia-area patients learn about the advantages of composite dental fillings

Columbia Area Patients Learn About the Advantages of Composite Dental Fillings

Although most adult dental patients have good brushing and flossing habits, problems such as cavities and gum disease can occur. When a cavity develops, it must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent it from getting bigger. Cavities that are deep within the tooth can lead to infection and may require additional treatment or extraction. By detecting tooth decay as soon as it begins, dentists can help their patients avoid a bigger problem, saving money, and preventing further pain. 

When patients in Columbia visit Dr. Chase Patton, they do not receive traditional metal fillings. While these fillings have been used for many years, recent studies about the level of mercury in the metal have raised concerns about toxicity risks. Because of this concern and the additional benefits of composite fillings, Dr. Patton is committed to only using tooth-colored fillings. 

Benefits of tooth-colored fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are safer and more aesthetically pleasing and are still just as effective as silver fillings. Because they can be custom-made to match the tooth enamel, they look completely natural. Further, they are as affordable as traditional fillings. Because of these benefits most patients will choose the tooth-colored composite material over traditional silver material when given a choice. 

Patients who need to have cavities filled will receive treatment that keeps their teeth and mouth healthy and ensure that their confidence stays intact. While metal fillings can be visible when you eat, speak, and laugh, composite fillings blend in with the teeth so that all your friends and family members will notice your happy smile. 

Dr. Patton is committed to helping patients achieve and maintain a healthy smile that looks great. With services that range from preventive to restorative to cosmetic, Dr. Patton and his team help their patients achieve a happy smile and a healthy mouth. Patients in and around the Columbia area can schedule a consultation or appointment for evaluation by calling our office at (573) 875-7040 today.