You deserve the safest, most natural-looking fillings for cavity repair to prevent further damage

Non Toxic Dental Fillings in Columbia MO Area

An estimated 92% of American adults have cavities, and it is also the most common childhood illness. Decay manifests itself as holes or eroded areas of the tooth. Untreated, these cavities can cause painful infections, and teeth may become damaged beyond repair. 

While Chase Patton, DDS, works with patients in Columbia, Missouri, to prevent tooth decay, existing damage may be repaired with safe (non-toxic) and metal-free fillings. These dental restorations are designed to look, feel, and behave like natural, healthy tooth structures. A tooth-colored filling also prevents more serious and painful complications and the need for more extensive and costly restorative procedures down the road. 

The process

Generally, after Dr. Patton removes areas of decay, he replaces the damaged tooth structure with a material to “build up” the affected tooth. Materials used to “fill in” cavities include metals, ceramics, and composite resin. Metal fillings are not the most cosmetic option available because they do not look like the natural tooth structure. They may also be either cost-prohibitive or present other concerns to the patient. Metals are essentially not appropriate for patients with certain sensitivities or concerns of adverse reactions to the material. 

Composite resin and ceramics are among the most natural-looking materials for fillings. The color of the filling can be perfectly matched to the rest of the tooth and its neighbors. For this reason, they are particularly well-suited for restorations placed on teeth that are highly visible when you smile. 

For highly popular tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Patton may use a resin made from a mix of composite quartz and a bonding agent. Composite resin provides the strength and durability of some of the metals mentioned here without the risks or concerns. It is also a conservative (tooth-preserving) and economical alternative.

Since these types of fillings don’t require reduction of otherwise healthy tooth structure and more aggressive reshaping, Dr. Patton can precisely apply the resin as a putty-like material directly to the “prepared” tooth. Preparation involves removing the damaged tissue to give your tooth a clean slate. Ultimately, the pliable resin is hardened and secured to the tooth. Resin and other metal-free options are also friendly to biological tissues; they do not excessively “wear” on tooth enamel and neighboring teeth or irritate the gums and other soft tissues.

Protect, don’t treat!

With consistent check-ups and professional cleanings, as recommended at Chase Patton DDS, any structural threats to the tooth can be caught and dealt with early. 

If problems do progress, Dr. Patton and his team will be there for you with natural, tooth-colored options to safely restore or completely rebuild a tooth. Call our office in Columbia, MO, today at (573) 875-7040.

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