Dental work that looks like the “real deal”: The natural and lasting beauty of modern dental crowns

Porcelain Dental Crowns in Columbia MO Area

Crowns are one of the wonders of the dental world. This versatile procedure can be used to restore deeply decayed or cracked teeth, as well as cover an implant (for tooth replacement) or a very misshapen or cosmetically “imperfect” tooth. Porcelain and zirconia crowns in the hands of Chase Patton, DDS, provide many aesthetic, functional, and health benefits to our patients in Columbia, Missouri, and the surrounding area. 

Beauty meets strength

Many materials are now being used to rebuild teeth with dental crowns and other restorations. Today, ceramics like porcelain and zirconia support both the most natural-looking results from treatment and the treated tooth’s lasting strength and durability. 

Porcelain shares many characteristics of natural tooth enamel, down to how it reflects light. So, patients love how natural these restorations look. Porcelain resists stains well, is appropriate for patients with metal sensitivities and concerns, and is stronger than you likely think. 

The metal titanium has long been an attractive material for medical implants because it is both strong and lightweight. Zirconia is a member of the titanium family; however, it is not a metal. In turn, it features exceptional strength as well as biocompatibility. Since it is compatible with natural tissues, zirconia preserves the health of the gumline and surrounding tooth structure. It also does not corrode and “wears well” over time, making it a great value. Dr. Patton’s restorations are built to last as long as you take good care of your teeth and visit us for regular checkups.

A final note: While both zirconia and porcelain can be color-matched to blend in with the rest of the teeth in your smile, the former option is not as translucent. We will work with you to determine the best option for your smile based on characteristics such as the location and function of the tooth that we are treating. 

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We can help you to avoid the need for restorations (like crowns) with proactive care.

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